Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use presented icons and illustrations for free?

Yes, you may use all the presented illustrations and icons for free in case they are implied for personal usage without making profit (blog, site, presentation). It is obligatory that you refer to the site If you use image on web-site it is expedient that you provide backlink to the site

If images are designed for corporate site, on-line shop, commercial project, you have to buy a license.

Original images of flags (texture) might be used without limitations (except from sale of original images).

If you have any qualms as far as legal usage of illustrations – you may ask any questions via e-mail or via feedback.

I found a mistake or wrong information about flag/country. What should I do?

We put all efforts so as to keep the information urgent. Nevertheless placing of obsolete texture of flags and icons is likely to occur. If you find any discrepancy, please, inform us about this mistake via e-mail or by using feedback.

I can’t find a flag I need. What should I do?

All presented in this project countries are placed in the alphabetical order. Also they are divided according to regions. If you still have any problems as far as finding needed country, please use the following advice:

While searching for the country by the first letter, keep in mind that flags of all countries are sorted out according to short names. For example, DPRK you should seek as Northern Korea. If you know the region of a country, look through the countries of this region.

Search bar allows you to seek countries according to full and catch up title, in Russian as well as in English languages. Except from this, if you have any qualms as far as right spelling, start to type part of a name in which you are sure. In a search bar countries which correspond to your request will be reflected automatically.

I need illustrations of high resolution. How can I get them?

If you need illustration of high resolution you need to contact us via e-mail or using feedback where you note what images you need. We can provide illustrations in resolution up to 6 400 against 4 800 px.

I need illustrations of flags with other textures. How can I place an order?

You need to shift to the page of icons’ order and place your order. Or you need to send an order via e-mail or using feedback.

Creation of icon with custom texture will cost you only two dollars.

I still have questions. To whom should I apply?

You may send all your questions via e-mail or using on-line form of feedback.

Есть вопросы?

You may send all your questions via e-mail or using on-line form of feedback.